Director's Message

Prof. Viral Shah


"Today's ever evolving management industry requires multi-tasking and passionate professionals. IMBA teaches, trains and grooms students for the same. Our students are trained to become leaders of change, dynamic professionals of excellence in the industry and socially active citizens of India.

We imbibe the quality of curiosity in our students so that they are learners throughout their life, and instill strong ethical and moral values so that the society on the whole obtains empathetic and strong citizens."

LJIMBA, Gujarat's best 5 Year Integrated MBA institute is a pioneer in setting up interactive teaching methods based on global industry trends. These attributes are credited to our skilled professors and visiting faculties, whose teaching involves engagement from every student, a trait unmatched by all other management institutes.

If you're looking to study at Gujarat's and Ahmedabad's top integrated 5 year MBA College, LJIMBA is the best institute in this category.